August 2018 newsletter

The Wellbeing SIG is one of the most active SIG memberships within ACE with valuable input from both trainees and fellows throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

ANZCA supporting workforce and wellbeing
One of ANZCA's main goals is “supporting workforce and wellbeing”, as outlined in ANZCA's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.  With that goal in focus, ANZCA is developing a framework to promote, protect, and support better health and wellbeing for doctors. Find out more.

Welfare of anaesthetists SIG proposed change of name 

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Recent events

May 2018 ANZCA ASM Sydney

Theme: “Reflecting on what really matters”

This year’s Annual Scientific Meeting attracted 2400 delegates, reflecting on core clinical issues, and the more challenging aspects of our professional lives. We congratulate the Regional Organising Committee on an engaging and inspiring scientific and social program.

The day of workshops on May 7 included a choice of clinical skills practice, opportunities to learn how to use available resources. Wellbeing and life balance was prominent in the workshop program.

The elephant back in the room
With the wellbeing of doctors a major focus in ANZCA’s current 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, one of the stars of the 2017 ASM in Brisbane, “the elephant in the room” was back, but this time on stage at the combined Welfare SIG and RACS plenary session, “Keeping the passion alive: Surviving 21st century practice”. This was an excellent final plenary session as evidenced by a flurry of tweets addressing burnout of doctors, depression, and resilience. The speakers were all knowledgeable and inspiring.

This session challenged us to look at how we view our wellbeing as doctors and how we can start to make the mindset changes that can make a difference to morale and mental health.


Future Events 

2018 Combined Special Interest Group Meeting

Come and join the Medical Education, Welfare, Leadership and Management, and Communication special interest groups in Byron Bay this September, for the 15th annual Combined special interest group meeting. This year’s meeting is convened by the Medical Education SIG. Further information.


 The theme: “Turning potential into performance” will explore topics of relevance to all of us including:

  • Feedback
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Getting the most out of workplace based assessments (WBAs)
  • How to turn your questions and ideas into research

Welfare sessions - read more

ASA NSC 2018, Adelaide, October 6-9

The theme of the session is “Wellbeing: So what are we doing about it?”. Read more

Topics of interest 

Mental health in the workplace


A list of welfare resources by region/state, which can be accessed in

Once you login, under My Networks click on “Supervisor orientation and support resources”.
Click on “Welfare and mentoring”.
Click on “Welfare support services by region”.
Resource documents currently still under review:
  • RD22 Bullying and Harassment document currently under review by ANZCA BDH working party
  • RD 05 Critical Incident Support 2016
Resource documents sent for approval
The SIG Executive Committee has revised the documents; and these have been sent to ACE for approval
  • RD 08 Mentoring: Reviewed by the Welfare SIG Executive
  • RD 18 Latex allergy: Reviewed by the Australian and New Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group (ANZAAG) and the Welfare SIG Executive
  • RD 23 Communication and professional behaviour: Reviewed by Welfare SIG Executive and member from RANZP
  • RD 24 Mandatory reporting: Reviewed by the ANZCA solicitor Mr Michael Gorton
  • RD 25: The disruptive anaesthetist: Reviewed by Welfare SIG Executive
  • RD27: New resource document reviewed by Welfare SIG Executive

Useful articles
Useful and recommended articles can be found in the Welfare Dropbox. Please contact Events to gain access to the Dropbox.

The Welfare SIG is committed to open and authentic communications with its fellow members, its parent bodies, ANZCA, ASA and NZSA, trainees and the wider community. All feedback and questions are welcome and confidentiality respected.

Thank you!
To our secretariat Sarah Chezan for all her hard work, and patience and keeping the chair on track. We could not run the SIG without her contribution.

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