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19/09/2018Focused Ultrasound Simulator Education - VascularMelbourne
19/09/2018Goal Directed Focused ECHO for Critical Care Physicians - 3 dayMelbourne
20/09/2018QLD ANZCA/ASA evening CME meeting – September 2018West End
21/09/2018A.E.R.A (Anaphylaxis & Cardiac Arrest)Melbourne
21/09/2018Anaesthetic Emergency Response Activities (CICO)Melbourne
21/09/2018Combined SIG MeetingByron Bay
22/09/2018Focused Cardiac ultrasound workshopBrisbane
22/09/2018Invasive Interventions In Intensive Care (4i)Dunedin
24/09/2018New Zealand Simulation instructors courseWellington
24/09/2018NZ Simulation Instructors CourseWellington
26/09/2018Annual Congress Dublin 2018Dublin
27/09/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - AnaphylaxisNewcastle
27/09/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - Major Haemorrhage Newcastle
27/09/2018International Conference on Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2018Stockhlom
28/09/2018Emergency Response Updates – Managing Emergencies in Obstetric AnaesthesiaSt Leonards
28/09/2018Emergency Trauma Management (ETM) CourseBirtinya
28/09/2018The Newcastle Anaesthesia Conference (NAC) 2018Newcastle
28/09/2018The Newcastle Anaesthia Conference (NAC) 2018Newcastle
04/10/2018Anaesthetic EmergenciesNewcastle
04/10/2018EMAC St Leonards
05/10/2018Cardiac Thoracic Vascular and Perfusion (CTVP) SIG - ECHO MeetingAdelaide
05/10/2018Communication in Anaesthesia SIG meetingAdelaide
05/10/2018RAW 2018 - Adelaide Regional Anaesthesia WorkshopAdelaide
06/10/2018ASA National Scientific Congress 2018Adelaide
06/10/2018Emerging & Controversial Topics in Pain - Emerging Treatment: The Horizons of Pain ManagementNewport Beach
06/10/2018Focused Cardiac Ultrasound - TOE Advanced Simulator WorkshopAdelaide
06/10/2018Focused Cardiac Ultrasound - TOE Simulator WorkshopAdelaide
06/10/2018Focused Cardiac Ultrasound - TTE Advanced Simulator WorkshopAdelaide
06/10/2018Focused Cardiac Ultrasound TTE Simulator Workshop (As part of ASA NSC)Adelaide
08/10/20188th International Congress on Health and Medicine osaka
11/10/2018EMACHerston, Brisbane
11/10/2018EMAC CourseSt Johns
11/10/2018EuroSciCon Congress on Biochemistry & Molecular biology 2018Amsterdam
13/10/2018 ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2018 San Francisco
13/10/2018Focused Cardiac ultrasound workshop Sydney
17/10/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - ALSNewcastle
17/10/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - CICONewcastle
18/10/201834th World Congress of Internal Medicine Cape Town
18/10/2018Effective Management of Anaesthetic CrisesMelbourne
19/10/2018Emergency Trauma Management (ETM) CourseSydney
19/10/2018FPM 2018 Spring MeetingCairns
20/10/2018iHeartScan AdvancedMelbourne
22/10/2018Lung Ultrasound - Focused Ultrasound Simulation EducationBrisbane
24/10/2018Epidural AnalgesiaNewcastle
25/10/2018Focused Cardiac Ultrasound - TTEBrisbane
25/10/2018Perioperative Medicine SIG meetingTBC
25/10/2018Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access - Focused Ultrasound Simulation EduactionBrisbane
26/10/2018AAAHP 3rd National Conference and Trade ExpoSydney
26/10/2018WA Country Conference 2018Naturaliste
27/10/2018Pediatric Regional Anesthesia WorkshopTampa
31/10/2018Operating Theatre Team TrainingNewcastle
01/11/201815th Asian and Australasian Congress of Anaesthesiologists (AACA)Chaoyang, Beijing
01/11/2018CICO Providers CourseSt Leonards
02/11/2018Crisis Management in Obstetric Anaesthesia and Neonatal ResuscitationMelbourne
02/11/2018Emergency Trauma Management (ETM) CourseMelbourne
08/11/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - ALSNewcastle
08/11/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - CICONewcastle
08/11/2018EMAC St Leonards
08/11/2018NZ Anaesthesia ASM 2018 – Face the Future Annual Scientific MeetingAuckland Central
10/11/2018NSW ACE Spring meetingByron Bay
10/11/2018QLD Part 3 Course Herston
10/11/2018VIC Part 3 Course Kooyong
11/11/2018CRASH Course AucklandAuckland
12/11/2018Cardiology Conference | Cardio 2018 Conference | Heart Congress | International Conference & Exhibition on Cardiovascular Medicine | Russian Society of Cardiology Sydney
14/11/2018Focused Cardiac Ultrasound TOE Simulator Workshop Melbourne
14/11/2018Goal Directed Focused ECHO for Critical Care Physicians - 3 dayMelbourne
16/11/2018A.E.R.A (Anaphylaxis & Cardiac Arrest)Melbourne
16/11/2018Anaesthetic Emergency Response Activities (CICO)Melbourne
17/11/2018Can't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate (CICO) Emergency Response ManagementBirtinya
17/11/2018Cardiac Arrest Emergency Response ManagementBirtinya
17/11/2018Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Auckland
17/11/2018Gastric Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS) courseAuckland
17/11/2018PAnaesthesia 2018Wooloongabba
17/11/2018USF- Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia CourseTampa
19/11/201829th World Cardiology ConferenceEdinburgh
19/11/2018A.E.R.A (ALS & Anaphylaxis)Melbourne
19/11/2018Anaesthetic Emergency Response Activities (CICO)Melbourne
19/11/2018Process Communication Modelling day 1 and 2 of 3North Adelaide
21/11/2018Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC) - St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne Fitzroy
22/11/2018Comprehensive Simulation Instructors CourseSt Leonards
22/11/2018EMACHerston, Brisbane
22/11/2018Focused Cardiac Ultrasound - TTEBrisbane
22/11/2018Process Communication Modelling. Day 3 of 3North Adelaide
23/11/2018Anaesthetic Emergency Responses Workshop (CICO and Cardiac Arrest)Melbourne
23/11/2018Introductory Ultrasound for Anaesthetists - 2 dayMelbourne
23/11/2018Vascular Access Ultrasound Workshop - 1 dayMelbourne
27/11/2018Journey to Antarctica: “Anaesthesia at the Extreme” Ushuaia
28/11/2018Difficult Airway Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2018Edinburgh
30/11/2018Crisis in Paediatric Anaesthesia Program (CPAP) Parkville
01/12/2018Focused Cardiac ultrasound workshopPort Melbourne
05/12/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - ALSNewcastle
05/12/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - CICONewcastle
06/12/2018Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (E.M.A.C)Melbourne
06/12/2018EMAC CourseSt Johns
07/12/201872nd PostGraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology (PGA) 2018New York
07/12/2018Emergency Response Updates – Managing Anaesthetic EmergenciesSt Leonards
07/12/2018Emergency Trauma Management (ETM) CoursePerth
07/12/2018Emergency Trauma Management (ETM) CourseRobina
08/12/2018USF- Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia CourseTampa
08/12/2018WA Part 3 Course Crawley
12/12/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - AnaphylaxisNewcastle
12/12/2018ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - Major Haemorrhage Newcastle
13/12/2018EMAC St Leonards
14/12/2018A.E.R.A (ALS & Anaphylaxis)Melbourne
14/12/2018Anaesthetic Emergency Response Activities (CICO)Melbourne
17/12/2018A.E.R.A (ALS) and AnaphylaxisMelbourne
17/12/2018Anaesthetic Emergency Response Activities (CICO)Melbourne
09/01/2019AAGBI Winter Scientific MeetingWestminster
13/01/20199th Annual Winter Symposium in Intensive Care, Anaesthesia and Emergency MedicineVail
26/01/2019Mindful Practice Workshop - Followed by four webinarsAdelaide
02/02/2019CRASH Course MelbourneParkville
03/02/201964th Annual Update in AnesthesiaPark City
23/02/2019Colorado Review of Anesthesia for Surgicenters and Hospitals Vail
28/02/20199th Annual UBC Whistler Anesthesiology SummitWhistler
08/03/20192nd Symposium on Ambulatory Anesthesia and Analgesia AAA2019Zurich
30/03/20192019 Jobson SymposiumCamperdown
30/03/2019Auckland City Symposium 2019; Perioperative Medicine updateGrafton
07/04/20192019 Australian Pain Society 39th Annual Scientific MeetingBroadbeach
15/04/2019Global Conference on Surgery and AnesthesiaDubai
26/04/20192019 Emerging Leaders ConferenceShah
27/04/2019Airway Management SIG meetingKuala Lumpur
29/04/20194th World Heart Congress 2019Kyoto
29/04/2019ANZCA ASMWilayah Persekutuan
02/06/2019Euroanaesthesia 2019Vienna
15/06/2019NSW ACE Winter CMESydney
17/06/201931st Annual Cardiologists ConferenceRome
21/06/20192019 CAS ANNUAL MEETINGCalgary
02/07/2019EBPOM London 2019London
12/08/2019Edinburgh Anaesthesia FestivalEdinburgh
21/08/2019Combined New Zealand Anaesthesia and AQUA Annual Scientific Meeting 2019Queenstown
20/09/2019Medical Education SIG meetingSydney
21/09/2019ASA National Scientific CongressSydney
19/10/2019ANESTHESIOLOGY 2019Orlando
02/11/2019Rural SIG meeting Ballarat
07/11/2019Perioperative Medicine SIG meetingBrisbane
19/11/2019Physicians 2018Paris
13/12/201973rd PostGraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology (PGA) 2019New York
30/05/2020EUROANAESTHESIA 2020Barcelona
03/10/2020ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020Washington
16/10/2020NZSA ASA Combined Scientific Congress 2020 WellingtonWellington
19/11/2020Physicians 2018Paris
09/10/2021ANESTHESIOLOGY 2021San Diego