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30/05/2016Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference 2016 (ANZDMC 2016) Broadbeach
30/05/2016New Anaesthetic Registrars Crisis Management (NARCM) CourseWellington
01/06/2016Extracorporeal Life Support Organization EuroELSO 5th International Conference 2016 (EuroELSO 2016) Glasgow
01/06/2016French Society Of Emegency Medicine 10th Congress 2016 (SFMU 2016) Paris
02/06/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Sydney
03/06/2016Anaesthetic Emergency Responses WorkshopMelbourne
04/06/2016Emergency Medicine Core Knowledge Conference 2016 (EMCORE 2016)Melbourne
04/06/2016Focused Cardiac Ultrasound/ECHO Workshop Melbourne
07/06/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Melbourne
07/06/2016Victorian ASA Cocktail EveningMelbourne
08/06/2016Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine 28th National Congress 2016 (SEMES 2016) Burgos
10/06/2016Crisis Management in Obstetric Anaesthesia and Neonatal ResuscitationMelbourne
11/06/2016Advances in Emerging and Controversial Pain Management IssuesChicago
13/06/2016Continuing Airway & Respiratory Education CARE Convention 2016 (CARE 2016)Coventry
13/06/2016Perioperative Mortality Review Committee 2016 ConferenceWellington
14/06/2016Adult Advanced Life SupportRichmond
15/06/2016Challenges in Paediatric Anaesthesia Copenhagen 2016 (CiPAC 2016) Copenhagen
15/06/2016Clinical Skills in Emergency Surgery 2016Cardiff
16/06/2016Neuroscience in Intensive Care International Symposium (NICIS) Paris
17/06/2016Rural SIG MeetingCanberra
18/06/2016NSW Winter Regional ConferenceSydney
18/06/2016Perioperative Ultrasound WorkshopHeidelberg
20/06/2016Specialty Skills in Emergency Surgery and Trauma 2016London
22/06/2016Combined ANZCA/ASA SA & NT Continuing Medical Education EventNorth Adelaide
23/06/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Sydney
24/06/2016Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society Annual Meeting 2016 (CAS 2016) Vancouver
24/06/2016Home Mechanical Ventilation UK Meeting 2016London
25/06/2016Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Workshop at Sydney Hospital, Sight Foundation LaboratorySydney
25/06/2016QLD Annual ANZCA ASA ConferenceBrisbane
26/06/2016National Neurotrauma Symposium 2016 (Neurotrauma 2016) Lexington
02/07/2016Focused Cardiac Ultrasound/ECHO Workshop Gold Coast
05/07/201616th EBPOM: Congress in Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine 2016 (EBPOM 2016) London
11/07/2016The Teaching Course - MelbourneMelbourne
14/07/2016Regional Ultrasound Scanning Workshop for Peripheral Nerve BlocksThredbo
20/07/2016ANZCA Approved Anaphylaxis & CICO Emergency Response WorkshopFrankston
27/07/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crisis (EMAC) CourseWellington
28/07/2016Primary Care Update - Cardiology, Geriatrics, and Pain Management 2016Coronado
29/07/2016The Newcastle Anaesthetic Conference (The NAC)Newcastle
30/07/201637th Annual ANZCA/ASA Combined CME MeetingMelbourne
30/07/2016Emergency Skills UltrasoundMelbourne
01/08/2016Dannemiller Hawaiian Anesthesia Seminar 2016Koloa
04/08/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Sydney
04/08/2016Paediatric Anaesthesia Crisis Management Course (PACMaC)Wellington
06/08/2016Ultrasound - Guided Regional Anaesthesia 2016Sydney
10/08/2016WA Airway Group ConferenceJimbarin Bay
12/08/2016ANZAAG Symposium Melbourne
12/08/2016Managing Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma (MOET) CourseWellington
13/08/2016Pain Review Course 2016Chicago
17/08/2016ANZCA Approved Anaphylaxis & CICO Emergency Response WorkshopFrankston
18/08/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Auckland
19/08/2016Anaesthetic Emergency Responses WorkshopMelbourne
19/08/2016Hands-On Workshop: Introduction to Ultrasound in Pain MedicineChicago
20/08/2016Focused Cardiac Ultrasound/ECHO Workshop Melbourne
20/08/2016Tasmanian Cradle Mountain Winter WorkshopCradle Mountain
22/08/2016SonoAus - 3 day - Advanced point of care ultrasound workshopMelbourne
25/08/2016Chinese Society Of Anesthesiology 24th Annual Meeting 2016Guangzhou
26/08/2016International Symposium on Spine and Paravertebral Sonography for Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine 2016Hong Kong
28/08/201616th World Congress of AnaesthesiologistsHong Kong
02/09/2016Crisis Management in Obstetric Anaesthesia and Neonatal ResuscitationMelbourne
07/09/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crisis (EMAC) CourseWellington
07/09/2016European Society of Regional Anaesthesia 35th Annual Congress 2016 (ESRA 2016) Maastricht
08/09/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Sydney
09/09/2016Pediatric Sedation Outside the ORSan Francisco
15/09/201626th National Acute Pain Symposium 2016 (NAPS 2016)Chester
15/09/2016Society For Airway Management 19th Annual Meeting 2016 (SAM 2016) Georgia
16/09/2016FPM Spring MeetingHahndorf
16/09/2016Welfare of Anaesthetists SIGMelbourne
17/09/2016Australian Society of Anaesthetists National Scientific Congress 2016Melbourne
26/09/201616th World Congress On Pain 2016 (IASP 2016)Yokohama
07/10/2016Anesthesia for Global OutreachBoston
07/10/2016Combined SIG MeetingSydney
08/10/2016Scottsdale Anesthesia 2016Scottsdale
13/10/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Sydney
14/10/2016AAAHP National Conference(formerly ASAPO)Perth
14/10/2016New Zealand Association of Simulation in Healthcare Annual MeetingWellington
15/10/2016Art of AnaesthesiaCanberra
20/10/2016ANZICS/ACCCN Intensive Care Annual Scientific Meeting 2016Perth
20/10/2016Perioperative Medicine SIGNoosa Heads
20/10/2016The 5th Annual Australasian Symposium of Perioperative Medicine SIG in association with ANZGSMNoosa Heads
21/10/2016Anaesthetic Emergency Responses WorkshopMelbourne
21/10/2016ASA Practice Managers ConferenceMelbourne
21/10/2016Country Conference 2016Naturaliste
22/10/2016ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016Chicago
24/10/2016Real World Anaesthesia Course (RWAC)Melbourne
25/10/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Fitzroy
27/10/2016Effective Management for Anaesthetic CrisesAuckland
27/10/2016The Society for Paediatric Anaesthesia in New Zealand and Australia (SPANZA) 2016 ConferenceAdelaide
29/10/2016Sydney Ultrasound and Regional Anaesthesia Cadaveric WorkshopSydney
31/10/2016New Zealand Simulation Instructors (NZSIC) CourseNewtown
04/11/2016The Difficult Airway Course: Anesthesia 2016Las Vegas
05/11/2016 NSW Spring Regional Conference Coogee
09/11/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crisis (EMAC) CourseWellington
09/11/2016Ophthalmic Anesthesia Society 30th Annual Scientific Meeting 2016 (OAS 2016) Chicago,
12/11/2016Emergency Skills Ultrasound Melbourne
16/11/2016DIFFICULT AIRWAY SOCIETY Annual MeetingTorquay
17/11/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Sydney
18/11/2016Anaesthetic Emergency Responses WorkshopMelbourne
23/11/20164th Global Conference on Perioperative Care of the Cancer Patient 2016London
26/11/2016Anatomy WorkshopSydney
28/11/2016New Anaesthetic Registrars Crisis Management (NARCM) CourseWellington
01/12/2016Effective Management for Anaesthetic CrisesAuckland
03/12/2016Focused Cardiac Ultrasound/ECHO Workshop Melbourne
05/12/2016DevelopingEM 2016 Sri Lanka (DEM 2016) Colombo
07/12/2016ANZCA Approved Anaphylaxis & CICO Emergency Response WorkshopFrankston
10/12/201611th Pan Arab Congress of AnesthesiaDubai
15/12/2016Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC)Sydney
19/12/2016Introduction to Anaesthesia (NOVICE) CourseWellington
11/01/2017Society for Technology in Anesthesia (STA) 2017 Annual MeetingSan Diego
15/01/2017The 35th Annual International Symposium: Clinical Update in Anesthesiology, Surgery and Perioperative MedicineCancun
16/01/2017Caribbean Seminar in Anesthesiology Aruba
22/02/2017The 1st World Congress of Anesthesia for ObstetricsBali
23/02/2017Australasian Symposium on Ultrasound and Regional Anaesthesia (ASURA) 2017Noosa
29/03/20172017 Cuban-American Anesthesiology ConferenceHavana
19/04/201732nd EACTA Annual Congress 2017 Berlin
06/05/2017IARS 2017 Annual Meeting and International Science SymposiumWashington, DC
12/05/2017ANZCA ASM 2017Brisbane
03/06/2017Euroanaesthesia 2017 Geneva
14/06/2017XXXII Colombian congress of anesthesiology and resuscitationBarranquilla
24/10/20179th International Symposium on the History of AnesthesiaBoston