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“Right Patient, Right Operation, Right Place, Right Time”

Welcome to the Perioperative Medicine (PoM) SIG quarterly newsletter. Our aim is to deliver up-to-date developments and resources for continuing PoM education.

ANZCA Perioperative Medicine project update

Perioperative medicine (PoM) is a key focus for the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA). The practice of PoM is inherently multi-disciplinary, and we believe the only way to achieve widespread and sustainable practice of PoM is via multi-college collaboration. As one of the pillars of the ANZCA 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, the college aims to oversee the development of the formal qualification in PoM. To this end, ANZCA has openly pursued relationships with relevant colleges and interested parties (physicians, geriatricians, surgeons, intensivists, and general practitioners) to come together for the wellbeing of perioperative patients. In recent months, ANZCA has launched a website with PoM content and developed a series of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the proposed PoM qualification. ANZCA will regularly produce a communique to keep you informed of any significant progress in developing the formal qualification in PoM.

Perioperative Medicine SIG Executive Election in 2019

In 2019, the PoM SIG Executive will be holding its first election for executive positions. The results of the election will be discussed at the AGM in Brisbane on Friday November 9.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to email ANZCA Event Officer or call +61 3 8517 5332.

Perioperative Medicine SIG membership

The PoM SIG aims to encourage and foster inter-speciality engagement. SIG members are encouraged to invite like-minded colleagues to join the PoM SIG. Please forward this newsletter on to those who are interested in PoM. To become a member of the PoM SIG, download and return the application form to [email protected].

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Perioperative Medicine events

Must read articles

Dr Manson Ku – Anaesthesia Fellow, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia
Dr Mohua Jain – Specialist Anaesthetist, Wellington Hospital, New Zealand
Dr Jeremy Fernando – Chair of PoM SIG, Anaesthetist and Intensivist, St Vincent's Hospital, Toowoomba, Australia

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