Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group

Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group


1. To improve patient safety and outcomes 

2. To share knowledge and collaborate with specialty groups

3. To develop the specialty of perioperative medicine with various craft groups 


The Perioperative Medicine SIG will hold two sessions at the ANZCA ASM on Friday May 3, 2019

"The evolving world of prehabilitation"
Perioperative optimisation in practice – Dr Daniel Conway, United Kingdom
Perioperative thyroid dysfunction – Associate Professor Elif Ekinci, Australia
What gives the most bang for our buck? Weighing the evidence and cost of preoperative interventions to improve postoperative outcomes – Ms Ianthe Boden, Australia
Global trends in geriatric surgical care – Dr Ming Loh, Australia

"Perioperative systems, don't underestimate their importance"
Approach to elderly patients undergoing major colorectal resection – Clinical Associate Professor Tan Kok Yang, Singapore
Prehab the known knowns – Professor David Story, Australia
Advanced recovery room care – Professor Guy Ludbrook, Australia
Perioperative diabetes guidelines – Associate Professor Elif Ekinci, Australia

2019 Perioperative Medicine SIG Meeting
November 7-9, 2019 
Brisbane Sofitel, Brisbane 

Registrations are now open.  Please click here to register for the meeting. .



2018 Perioperative Medicine SIG Meeting in association with the Australian and New Zealand Society of Geriatric Medicine and the Internal Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand
“Measuring, Managing and Minimising Risk”  
Held October 25-27, Grand Hyatt, Melbourne.
Please visit the meeting webpage to view presentation slides.

2017 Perioperative Medicine SIG Meeting in association with The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
"Cancer surgery and perioperative medicine: Prehab to rehab”
Held November 2-4, Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific, Sydney.
Please visit the meeting webpage to view presentation slides. 


September 2018

February 2019 


Advance CPR decision-making in the hospital setting

The Government of Western Australia Department of Health have created a number of resources to support these discussions.


Part A  

Part B

Part C


Advance CPR decision-making - Facilitators Guide

Appendix 1 - Decision making framework

Appendix 2 - CPR survival rates

Appendix 3 - Two questions

Appendix 4 - Recommended language


Perioperative Medicine - The Pathway to Better Surgical Care

The Royal College of Anaesthetists

Animated Film

Vision Document



Journal watch

Journal watch provides a list of topical and relevant literature in the field of perioperative medicine. 


Article of the month

Effect of prehabilitation on objectively measured physical fitness after neoadjuvant treatment in preoperative rectal cancer patients: a blinded interventional pilot study. West et al, 2014.


Other recent articles of interest include:


• POISE 2: Aspirin in Patients Undergoing Non-cardiac Surgery NEJM March 2014 

This trial examines the substantial variability in the perioperative administration of aspirin in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery. It looks at those patients who are already on aspirin and those who are not.


• Elderly and Frailty Anaesthesia January 2014, Supplement 1

Professor David Story and other look at frailty and the risk of anaesthesia in elder patients presenting for surgery. The entire supplement focuses on the elderly and anaesthesia.


• Learning from mistakes in clinical practice guidelines: the case of perioperative β-blockade

This article reviews the ‘scientific’ development of perioperative beta-blockade and looks at the history of how this science was interpreted and the mistakes that resulted.



Below is a list of current texts relevant to perioperative medicine


• Perioperative medicine, Steven Cohn

• Preoperative Assessment and management, Bobbie Jean Sweitzer



Monash University and the Alfred Hospital Perioperative medicine short course and masters program:


• The short course provides a solid background to trainees and specialists who are looking to provide optimal care to patients in the perioperative period 


Mayo clinic annual ‘Overview of Perioperative Medicine’


The University of Melbourne Ultrasound workshops and courses







Dr Jeremy Fernando

Chair, Perioperative Medicine SIGEMAIL



To join the Perioperative Medicine SIG, please download an application form or contact events on +61 3 9510 6299.




Dr Jeremy Fernando
Dr Vanessa Beavis
 Member       Dr Sean McManus    Qld
Dr Dick Ongley
Associate Professor Ross Kerridge
Professor David Story
Dr Joel Symons
Dr Nicola Broadbent  
Dr Jill Van Acker
 ANZSGM Rep Co-opted
Dr Ming Loh
 Junior Trainee Representative
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 Patient Blood Management representative Dr Kerry Gunn NZ


The Executive of the Perioperative SIG will meet on the following dates in 2019:

A business meeting will be held on Friday May 3, 2019 from 12-1pm during the ANZCA ASM in Kuala Lumpur.
An AGM will be held during the Perioperative SIG meeting in Brisbane on November 7-9.

For further information, please contact Events or phone +61 3 9510 6299 or visit the ANZCA website.