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“Right Patient, Right Operation, Right Place, Right Time”

Welcome to the Perioperative Medicine (PoM) SIG Quarterly Newsletter.  Our aim is to deliver up-to-date developments and resources for continuing PoM education.

Perioperative Medicine and COVID-19
PoM (Perioperative Medicine) is well placed to meet some of the challenges in the patient’s perioperative journey, in the COVID-19 world. There have been many necessary adaptations that have a direct impact on PoM. These include: 

  • Encouraging telehealth consultations to minimise older, co-morbid patients attending hospital unnecessarily
  • Prioritisation of emergency and urgent surgery
  • Avoiding low value surgical procedures in the elderly and co-morbid patients
  • How powerful social distancing and simple infection control strategies (hand hygiene and the use of droplet precautions) can be to minimize all respiratory viral infections including COVID-19 

As we walk through this time, let’s attempt to take what we have learnt and implement it for the sake of our patients and those we work with.

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If you wish to find out more information regarding fellowships in perioperative medicine for anaesthesia trainees, please contact Dr Richard Seglenieks.

ANZCA recently launched their newly redesigned website. Please click here to visit the website.

Dr Manson Ku – Specialist Anaesthetist, North Shore Hospital, New Zealand
Dr Jeremy Fernando – PoM SIG executive member, Anaesthetist & Intensivist, St Vincent’s Hospital, Australia 
Dr Jill Van Acker – Chair of the PoM SIG, Anaesthetist, Canberra Hospital, Australia

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