Newsletter - September 2018 Amendment of the PoM SIG Constitution

Amendment of the Perioperative Medicine SIG Constitution


The PoM SIG aims to develop the clinical, collaborative and educational aspects of perioperative medicine. To allow true collaboration across specialities, the membership section of the PoM SIG constitution has been amended.

The changes are as follows:

• Membership of the PoM SIG is open to specialists from all medical disciplines including general practice.
• All members of the SIG (inclusive of SIG Executive) will have voting rights.
• Any member can be part of the SIG Executive.
• SIG Executive membership will take into consideration a number of factors including geographical representation, culture, gender, practice profile and experience.
• A non-anaesthetist may become the chair of the SIG Executive, with this requiring the approval of the Anaesthesia Continuing Education (ACE) Committee Executive.

The aim of the above changes is to encourage and foster inter-speciality engagement. SIG Members are encouraged to invite like-minded colleagues to join the PoM SIG.