Australian Capital Territory Joint CME

Australian Capital Territory Joint CME


The Australian Capital Territory Joint CME organise events to benefit Fellows and trainees, including workshops, conferences and courses designed to encourage and support medical specialists in their training and continuing professional development. 


2016 Art of Anaesthesia

On behalf of the ACT Regional Committees of ANZCA and the ASA, we invite you to the 2016 Combined Art of Anaesthesia meeting to be held in Canberra over the weekend of October 15-16, 2016.

During the Saturday program we are providing presentations on the modern management of what might be considered old chestnuts; we are reflecting on the current “hoops” of hospital accreditation and CPD through the prisms of two recently successful PhD candidates; we are trying to get our heads around care of the brain in various states of distress; and we are looking to the future of anaesthesia.

On Sunday morning, there will be two emergency response workshops ‘Can’t Intubate Can’t Oxygenate’, and ‘Anaphylaxis Management’. In the afternoon, there will be a ‘Fibre-optic Bronchoscopy workshop’ with Associate Professor Scott Parkes. The workshops will help those who wish to complete mandatory CPD emergency response activities and those who wish to refresh their knowledge of the complex art of fibre optic intubation.

We welcome everyone to the meeting and encourage all to attend the last week of the Floriade flower festival. Floriade is Australia’s largest celebration of spring and showcases one million flowers in bloom throughout Commonwealth Park. Bring the family, stay for the weekend and enjoy a unique experience in the nation’s capital.


For information on upcoming events in the ACT please contact Ms Kym Buckley


ACT Regional Committee

Name Role
Dr Andrew Hehir Chair
Dr Girish Palnitkar Deputy Chair
Prof Thomas Bruessel Elected Member
Dr Natalie Marshall Education Officer
Dr David Reiner Safety and Quality Officer
Dr Will Matthiesson Accreditation Officer
Dr Carmel McInerney CME Officer
Dr Ross Hanrahan
New Fellows representative
Dr Graeme Gibson Co-opted Rural representative
Dr Mark Skacel ASA ACT representative
Dr Romil JainFaculty of Pain Medicine ACT representative
Dr Jennifer Hartley ACT Trainee Committee chair 
Ms Kym Buckley
ACT Regional Co-ordinator

2016 Meeting Dates

Meetings are held at the ACT ANZCA premises, 6/14 Napier Close Deakin, ACT 2605 and will commence at 6pm unless advised otherwise. 

  • February 15
  • March 16
  • August 29
  • October 15 (AGM)
  • November 7