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The Australian Capital Territory Joint CME organise events to benefit fellows and trainees, including workshops, conferences and courses designed to encourage and support medical specialists in their training and continuing professional development. 











ACT Art of Anaesthesia CME

On behalf of the ACT Regional Committees of ANZCA and the ASA, we welcome you to attend the Combined Art of Anaesthesia meeting to be held in Canberra over the weekend of October 5-6, 2019.

This year, our theme is “Research and the Anti-Research” and our program will attempt to tackle this daunting area. After listening to experts in their fields, the program may inspire future researchers. Equally possible, the program may make us question the role and relevance of research today in its current guise. At the very least, the weekend promises to be thought-provoking and help us reflect on our own practice.

Our lecture series will run on Saturday October 5. Leading the exploration of this theme will be the Editor-In-Chief of Anaesthesia, Professor Andrew (Andy) Klein from Cambridge, UK as one of our invited international speakers. Professor Klein will focus on the role of the journal in 2019 as well as the murky world of research fraud. Our other international speaker is Professor Jamie Sleigh from Waikato, NZ. Both international speakers will be complemented by our interstate speakers – Associate Professor Alicia Dennis, Dr David Highton, Ms Ianthe Boden, Dr Christine Ball AM and Dr Danielle Volling-Geoghegan. Prominent local orthopaedic surgeon Professor Paul Smith will explore the growing issue of big data, with local (and vocal) anaesthetists Dr Vida Viliunas OAM and Dr Mark Skacel ending the day debating whether anaesthetic research has lost the plot.

On Sunday October 6, we will conduct three workshops. There will be the mandatory CPD Advanced Life Support (ALS) workshop and, along for the first time, the new mandatory CPD Acute Severe Behavioural Disorder workshop. In addition, Professor Klein will run a research and publication preparation workshop which will complement his talks given a day earlier.

Program and Registration

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    ACT Regional Committee

    Name Role
    Dr Girish Palnitkar
    Dr Natalie Marshall
    Deputy Chair and Education Officer
    Prof Thomas Bruessel Elected Member
    Dr David Reiner
    Elected Member
    Dr Monika TecsyElected Member 
     Dr Bibhuti ThakurDeputy Education Officer 
    Dr Manasi Rai Safety and Quality Officer
    Dr Val Quah Accreditation Officer
    Dr Carmel McInerney CME Officer
    Dr Jennifer Hartley
    New Fellows representative
    Dr Graeme Gibson Co-opted Rural representative
    Dr Phillip Morrissey ASA ACT representative
    Dr Romil JainFaculty of Pain Medicine ACT representative
    Dr  Stuart McKnownACT Trainee Committee chair 
    Ms Kym Buckley
    ACT Regional Co-ordinator

    2019 Meeting Dates

    Meetings are held at the ACT ANZCA premises and will commence at 6pm unless advised otherwise.

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