Australian Capital Territory Joint CME

Australian Capital Territory Joint CME


The Australian Capital Territory Joint CME organise events to benefit fellows and trainees, including workshops, conferences and courses designed to encourage and support medical specialists in their training and continuing professional development. 


2021 Scan and Ski workshop
22-24 July, 2021 - Thredbo, NSW
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Dr Natalie Marshall
Dr Manasi Rai
Deputy chair, Safety and quality officer
Professor Thomas Bruessel
Elected member
Dr Jennifer Hartley
Elected member
Dr Girish Palnitkar
Elected member
Dr Monika Tecsy
Elected member
Dr Bibhuti Thakur
CME officer
Dr Freya Aaskov
Co-opted education officer
Dr Val QuahCo-opted accreditation officer
Dr Igor LemechCo-opted regional representative
Dr Barbara RobertsonCo-opted regional representative
Dr Graeme GibsonCo-opted regional representative
Dr Philip MorrisseyASA ACT representative 
Dr Romil Jain Faculty of Pain Medicine ACT representative 
Dr Nicole Somi ACT trainee committee chair 
Kym Buckley Regional coordinator / committee support 


2020 meetings 
Meetings are held at the ACT ANZCA premises and will commence at 6pm unless advised otherwise.
  • February 18
  • May 12
  • July 21
  • October 27