Victorian Joint CME

 Victorian Joint CME



The Victorian joint CME runs many events to benefit Fellows and trainees, including an annual scientific meeting, workshops, conferences and courses designed to encourage and support medical specialists in their training and continuing professional development. The College also aims to keep trainees and Fellows informed about anaesthesia and pain medicine events held around the world. 





Regional events

CME Evening Meeting

"Role of tranexamic acid in perioperative haemorrhage"

Tuesday 8 September 2015
6pm to 8.30pm

For more information see here. For online registration see here. For the registration form see here.


Quality Assurance Meeting

Saturday 17 October 2015
For more information see here. For online registration see here. For the registration form see here.


Victorian Registrars' Scientific Meeting

Saturday 20 November 2015

For more information see here. For online registration see here. For the registration form see here.


Further information will be published about each event once available.


For information about Victorian events please contact:

Ms Daphne Erler

Phone: +61 3 8517 5313



Victorian Regional Committee

Dr Debra Devonshire Chair
Dr David Bramley Deputy chair
Dr Mark Hurley
Honorary secretary
Dr Craig Noonan Accreditation/quality assurance and safety officer
Dr Irene Ng Formal project officer, CME officer
Dr Jane Calder
Assistant formal project officer, assistant CME officer
Dr Garry Reilly General member
Dr Andrew Buettner Chair, Association of Directors
Dr Fred Rosewarne IMGS/AON officer, GP liaison officer
Dr Shiva Malekzadeh Part Zero Course/VRSM convenor
A/P David Scott Ex-officio council member
Dr Rowan Thomas Ex-officio council member
Dr Damian Castanelli
Education officer
Dr Richard Horton Chair, VATS
A/P Larry McNicol Co-opted VCCAMM
Dr Jennifer King
Co-opted ASA representative
Dr Ben Jones Co-opted New Fellow to Victorian Regional Committee
Dr Adriana Bibbo
Co-opted Victorian Trainee Committee chair
Dr Diarmuid McCoy FPM representative
Ms Daphne Erler Victorian regional co-ordinator
Ms Cathy O'Brien Victorian regional course co-ordinator


2015 meeting dates


  • Monday March 16 
  • Monday May 11
  • Monday June 15
  • Monday August 3
  • Monday October 5
  • Monday December 14