Rural 2019 program


Rural SIG meeting 2019 - provisional program

Saturday, November 2
Combined Rural SIG/PSA day
Session 1

Pre-operative optimisation

Practical resuscitation-only do what makes a difference! 

Critical factors-peri-operative blood/iron optimisation

Session 2

Intra-operative care

Major surgical case management

Damage control vs definitive surgery

Session 3

Enhancing recovery

Enhanced recovery and perioperative fluids-facts and fiction

ERAS-the surgical perspective

Session 4

Preventing post-operative disasters

Post-operative deterioration-early detection and salvage before MET

Advanced recovery care

Dinner - offsite 

Sunday, November 3
Rural SIG day
Session 1

Anaesthesia for major surgery-what really does improve outcomes

Intra-operative anaesthetic management

Best practice in perioperative clinical care

Session 2

High risk obstetrics

The high risk obstetric case coming theatre NOW!

City or country-obstetric triage

Interventional radiology in regional obstetrics

 Session 3

Painful joints

Same-day joint replacement? The rapid recovery program

The difficult pain patient for major surgery-peri-operative strategies

Session 4


All things ventilation

"I need this lung down now" - Tips from the experts

November 4
Workshop morning



ALS x 2 classes


Thoracic anaesthesia masterclass

Airway masterclass

Paediatric anaesthesia masterclass